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About Veterinary Medicines

All of the veterinary medicines that Best Pet Meds sells are UK approved and licenced products. We buy these medicines directly from the manufacturer or from a regulated and licensed UK wholesaler just like your local Veterinary Practice would. Best Pet Meds does not sell imported veterinary medicines or medicines which are ‘short dated’, i.e. those with an expiry date very close to the date you place your order.

All the prescription medicines that we sell are checked by our veterinary surgeon and/or, where appropriate, by other members of staff that are suitably qualified to do so.


We are registered as a Veterinary Practice Premises with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Our RCVS premises reference number is: 7097906. You can verify our status by contacting the RCVS directly and the contact details are available on the RCVS website at www.rcvs.org.uk.

Our RQP (Responsible Qualified Person) is Iain MacKellar BVSc MRCVS Reference number: 1313770. This can be verified by visiting - www.rcvs.org.uk/registration/check-the-register-list/.

We are Registered with the VMD

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has become increasingly concerned over the sourcing and supply of veterinary medicines online. Using Best Pet Meds for your online veterinary medicines purchasing means you can buy safely from us knowing that we have been regularly inspected by the VMD and that it is completely satisfied that:

  • We buy in the UK directly from the manufacturer or from approved UK wholesalers
  • We have operating procedures and protocols in place for the safe and proper selling of veterinary medicines

Registered business details:

Our registered company business trading address and information is:
Abbeyvet LLP
Sherburn Enterprise Park 
Aviation Way
Leeds LS25 6NB

Company Registered in England
Company No.  OC335466
VAT No.  929 5358 83

Veterinary Medicines Directorate:

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is the government agency responsible for all matters concerning the safe use and proper manufacture of veterinary medicines in the UK.

The Summary of Product Characteristics (SPCs) for all the veterinary medicinal products sold on our website are available from the Veterinary Medicines Directorate Product Information Database at:


What do you do if you think your pet has suffered an adverse reaction?

No effective medicine is risk free and all medicines have the potential to cause adverse effects. Some of the adverse effects are known about when a veterinary medicine is first licensed, but those which occur rarely or are specific for certain breeds or groups of animals only come to light later when the products are used more widely.

In the event of an adverse reaction to any medicinal product, it should be reported to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) using the form available via the link below, as well as reporting it to your vet:


Guidance and advice for animal owners:

For further guidance and advice for animal owners please visit - www.vmd.defra.gov.uk/giao/public.aspx

What does ‘Prescription Required’ mean?

Many of the items we sell need a Veterinary Prescription. These products are classified as a POM-V (Prescription Only Medicine - Veterinarian). These products can only be supplied if you have a written veterinary prescription.Veterinary prescriptions must be written in accordance with UK regulations and signed and dated by a Veterinary Surgeon who is registered in either the UK or Europe.

Each prescription is a legal document containing the written instructions your Veterinary Surgeon has provided outlining which medication is needed, the amount to be supplied, the dosage, whether it is eligible for repeats or not, details about the animal,the Veterinary Surgeon who has prescribed it and confirmation that the animal is under his or her veterinary care.

Does my vet have to issue me with a prescription and are there any charges?

Yes, your vet is legally obliged to issue you with a prescription but they are allowed to make a reasonable charge for doing so. This is normally a nominal fee and should not be excessive or prevent you from purchasing a product from another source. In our experience, most vets charge around £7.50 - £15 but it can be more or less than this.

How long are prescriptions valid for?

Under UK veterinary medicines regulations each prescription is valid for a maximum of six months from the date it is signed by your Veterinary Surgeon.This is restricted and reduces to 28 days for Controlled Drugs (these fall under the Controlled Drugs listed in Schedules 2-4 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 and your Veterinary Surgeon will be able to advise which drugs this relates to).

Please check your prescription expiry date, as we will be unable to supply medicine past this date without a new prescription.

What happens if my pet requires long term treatment?

If your pet has a long term condition, often referred to as a chronic condition, please ensure you get your Veterinary Surgeon to enter the number of repeats your prescription allows.This will enable you to re-order up to the maximum number of repeats without you having to obtain a new prescription from your Veterinary Surgeon every time, saving you further time and money. Once your prescription expires or you have used up all your repeats, you will then need to supply a new prescription from your Veterinary Surgeon.

Please note that repeats are restricted to 28 days for Controlled Drugs (these fall under the Controlled Drugs listed in Schedules 2-4 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 - your Veterinary Surgeon will be able to advise you if your medication falls under this category and also the specific drugs this requirement applies to).

How do I supply a prescription to you?

Prescriptions can be posted, emailed, faxed or uploaded to us. Please note that whilst we can accept an electronic copy of your prescription to start processing the order - please click for important information, we also need the original to be posted to us prior to dispatch so please ensure you post it to us first class on the date you place your order. The full quantity of medication allowed on the prescription must also be purchased within 28 days of the date your Veterinary Surgeon signed the prescription.

When submitting your prescription to us please ensure you write your order number on the top of the prescription. This will speed up processing of your order. If you have previously submitted a prescription to us that hasn't expired, please simply select “Prescription Already on File” from the drop down list when telling us how you will be send your prescription during the checkout process. 

Classification of veterinary medicines:

The main authorised veterinary medicine categories are:

(i)         Prescription-only Medicine –Veterinarian - abbreviated to POM-V.

(ii)        Prescription-only Medicine –Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) - abbreviated to POM-VPS.

(iii)       Non-Food Animal –Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Suitably Qualified Person - abbreviated to NFA-VPS.

(iv)       Authorised Veterinary Medicine– General Sales List - abbreviated to AVM-GSL.

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